9 Organic Cleaning Products You Need to Try

9 Organic Cleaning Products You Need to Try

Are you sick of cleaning with harsh chemicals? Here are 9 organic cleaning products you should start using.

You love Mr. Clean and Tide, but you’ve come to realize they’re just too harmful to your clothes, your house, and maybe even your health.

Now is the time to make the change to organic cleaning products.

There’s an ever-growing list of products out there, and it might make things a bit confusing for you, but don’t worry – I’ve got you covered.

I’ve put together a list of nine organic cleaning products that you need to have in your (soon to be green) house. Read on to find out more.

NatureZway Bamboo Perforated Towels For Organic Cleaning

This is just another way that bamboo has become irreplaceable in our lives.

These perforated bamboo towels are super tough and can be hand-rinsed up to 100 times, so your paper towel wasting days are over.

They’re so strong they can be used like a cloth, and they’re great for any cleaning challenge you run into, from greasy cookware to grimy tubs and everything in between.

The best part? Since they’re made from natural resources, these towels are not only better for your house, they’re better for the environment too.

I’d say that’s a win-win all around.

Haven Scrub Powder & Produce Wash

Made with baking soda, earth, and natural oils, the Haven Scrub Power is ideal for fixing up your bathrooms, cleaning messy dishes or polishing your best pots and pans.

It’s non-toxic (unlike most other similar products) and it can also be used to wash harmful pesticides and dirt off of your fruits and vegetables.

And as an added bonus, the canister is reusable; just buy the refill packages and you can pick up cleaning where you left off.

Jason Mark Suede Cleaning Kit

Cleaning products shouldn’t only be for your house and clothes.

The Jason Mark Suede Cleaning Kit is perfect for cleaning that pesky spot off of your favorite pair of suede shoes.

The product is simple to use and very effective, and it’s reusable, which will help to minimize the waste in your home (and means one more thing to mark off your shopping list).

What’s better, this kit doesn’t have any harsh chemicals, so it can be used on even the most delicate surfaces.

Ecloth Window Cleaning Pack

For those who are forced to clean their windows with paper towels or microfiber cloths, the Ecloth Window Cleaning Pack can help fix this problem.

Everything you need is already packed within this powerful little cloth. All you need to do is dampen it with water and it’s ready to go. The materials leave no lint and the lack of chemicals means that streaks are virtually nonexistent.

The best part? Each cloth is good for up to 300 washings. Needless to say, that’s a lot of clean windows.

This is one organic cleaning product you can’t do without.

Grab Green Natural Non-Chlorine Bleach Alternative

Okay, ready for something cool?

How about bleach that isn’t corrosive?

That’s right. These detergent pods from Grab Green have the power to wash the dirt and grime right out of your toughest whites without needing the power (or the stench) of bleach.

For something so innovative, the packets are surprisingly cheap, and you can buy them in sets of 24, 60, or 132 pods.

You’ll also be happy to know that it’s made in the USA, so you can support your country and the environment.

Scrub Daddy Sponges

Out of all the organic cleaning tools we’ve mentioned so far, this is definitely one of my favorites.

The Scrub Daddy cleans without scratching wood, plastic, stainless steel, iron, and most other household appliances. It also rinses clean and doesn’t develop odors.

Another cool thing? You can use the Scrub Daddy for multiple cleaning purposes.

It has a hard texture when you place it in cold water so you can use it for tough scrubbing, and it has a soft texture when placed in warm water for gentle cleaning.

It’s a very functional tool for a good price.

Green Works Organic Cleaning Wipes

Need a buy a new packet of cleaning wipes? Why not make then organic?

These new sets of wipes by Green Works is made entirely out of compost, so no environmentally harmful materials were used.

The wipes are safe to use on any surface, and each one goes a long way in cleaning, so you’ll be able to wipe down any part of your house, your car, or your favorite vinyl figure.

Best of all, they can be broken down into compost and used all over again. That’s just one more way that you can help make the world a better place to be.

Willful All Natural Wood Preserver

Having naturally cleaned and polished floors is really important when it comes to a clean-looking home, and the Willful All Natural Wood Preserver will make your old wood floors look like they were just laid down yesterday.

Made out of beeswax, this natural concoction will help to preserve and maintain all of your wood surfaces, including wooden floors, utensils, cutting boards, and pretty much any other wooden surface in your house.

This is a natural and cheap alternative to any other polishing or preserving product currently out there, and it’s a must-have in your house.

ECOEGG Laundry Egg

I know that we already mentioned clothes washing items, but this is just too adorable to pass up.

The ECOEGG Laundry Egg can wash clothes without detergent or soap. Instead, it uses two types of cleaning pellets: ceramic pellets that weaken the bond between the dirt and the fabric, and mineral pellets that actually remove the dirt.

Each egg can last up to 720 washes (wow!) and you replace the mineral pellets every 72 washes.

So if we’re doing the math, each egg can be reused up to ten times.

It’s also safe for people with sensitive skin, so if this is you, I’d suggest you look into buying one of these guys.

Why Not Reach Out?
Despite this awesome list of organic cleaning products you can buy, you may not have time to clean up the house like you want.

That’s where we come in.

When it comes to a clean house, we’re the best at what we do. Take a look at our page to see what kind of services we offer, and give us a call to find out if our prices work for you.

We hope to hear from you soon.

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